Anonymous: Meow ;)

Let’s   I mean purr c;

Anonymous: Please start posting more :(

I’ll try baby I’ll try!

Anonymous: What's your latest anime obsession?

Lucky Star!

Anonymous: Be my nerd bride?

Guren glassui <3
 ^Sindarin Elvish for “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”
I’d love to be your nerd bride c:

Anonymous: You're the best part of my day :)

This was certainly the best part of mine c:

thekukkimonster: Hey. Follow back and I assure you 3 thing.

Sure why not :)

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My ex texted me after a month of ignoring me talking about an old status I posted a while ago saying I was good and wanted a cuddle buddy to watch anime with. WHAT A FUCKING PRICK.

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datcolonel: Kik me?

Wouldn’t that hurt?

happyea: Hi :)

Ello :)

Anonymous: What's up.

My ceiling. And a bunch of posters of the people I love looking down at me surrounded by glow in the dark stars. The usual~