Spirited Away.

I'm Cat (meow) and I'm 16.
☯ Recovering from Depression/ Anxiety ☯
☯ Color Guard ☯
☯ Music ☯
☯ Singing ☯
☯ Free Spirit ☯
☯ Talk To Me ☯
☯ Be A Friend ☯
☯ Love Meeting New People ☯
☯ Living life ☯
☯Be Yourself☯
Anonymous asked: Hiya, Still wanna send cute dorky texts?


No I’m good.

Guard probs.

I really want indoor season to come again but I’m scared of outdoor !(◎_◎;)

Can you REBLOG if you do anything band related? Marching Band, Color Guard, WGI, DCI, Fangirl. I need new people to follow. Please and thank you! :)

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This also happened. My favorite pair in West Orange color guard

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